One of the oldest band competition in India which has acted as a springboard for India’s premiere rock groups of the stature of Parikrama, Indian Ocean, Superfuzz, PRESTORIKA, Them Clones and Euphoria who have taken part in the competition at different points in its history.

The eliminations will be conducted in 2 parts - Physical and Online Elimination

Physical Elimination :

Cities - Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata

Participants residing in the above mentioned cities are requested to submit their registration forms after which they'll be notified about the date and venue for eliminations.They are required to perform for 15-20 mins after which the judge will choose the winner.The bands are expected to play only their original compositions.

Deadline for entry submissions - 30th June

Online Eliminations :

The regions for this round are:

West : Maharashtra - Gujarat - Goa

North East: Assam - Meghalaya - Sikkim - Tripura - Mizoram - Arunachal Pradesh - Nagaland - Manipur

South: Karnataka - Kerala

South East : Tamil Nadu - Andhra Pradesh - Telangana

Participants not residing in the physical elimination cities and in any of the states from the above mentioned regions are requested to send in their registration forms along with links of 3 videos of which at least 1 should be a live performance(even phone recordings will do).These entries will then be sent to the judge who will then declare the results.

There will be 1 winner from each region who will then be called for the finals.To maintain fair play, the judge will be revealed for the participants after deadline for sending entries has closed.

Participants residing in the cities of physical eliminations won't be allowed to participate in online eliminations.

Deadline for entry submissions - 30th July

The winners of each city and region will then be called for finals at BITS Pilani for the final prize and the crown of Rocktaves winner. The rules for the same will be updated shortly.

We have no registration fee.

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