"Hey there. This is weird speaking up. Talking to all of you normal people. You might be unique in your own sense but me, well, I am weird. Why do I say so? Because maybe, I wear fancy jewellery at all time, maybe because I am gay or maybe I just have vulgar taste in music or maybe I am a mix of very thing 'normal' people disapprove of. I am what you cannot be, what you might not like and what you have tabooed. I am culture unlike you. I am counter-culture. And you are going to know me, to feel me." Get ready guys. This Oasis, you are going to experience and notice emotions you never thought you would be able to. Welcome aboard to a journey through a lifestyle of unconventionality. Oasis '19 - Chapter 49 Neon Noir | 19th to 23rd October 2019.
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